Why Can't I Access My Profile

Around May 2022 OutBüro released many changes to the site and business model. One of the changes was shifting to a site member subscription model. Check out the Embracing Change article for an overview. 

Subscription Required

All profiles, be it your own or of other members, are now restricted to yearly/monthly site members. This limits, profile updates, views, interactions, engagement, connections, etc.   

If you were a site member prior to 2022 your account was assigned to a free level membership that is limited to all site articles and 7 restricted page views a month which would include any and all profile pages, groups, and members along with the related features.   

Upgrade to a Yearly/Monthly Subscription

To get the most out of your profile, the site, its community, groups, and interactions with other members we would love to have you become a yearly/monthly subscriber. 

Follow the steps in the short "How do i upgrade/change my account" user guide.

Why do I have a free account?

There are a few reasons why your OutBüro account is set to a free membership. While logged in, access your site subscription and account dashboard by clicking Membership in the main menu.

1. All site members as of May 2022 were assigned to a free-level membership.

2. Your yearly/monthly subscription has lapsed - potentially your billing information needs to be updated.

3. When registering for a yearly/monthly subscription, your payment was not fully processed, and/or you may have navigated away from the payment process prior to the transaction completing.

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