What Can I Do in Groups

Joining, creating, and participating in groups with other members is now part of the yearly/monthly subscriptions. A huge benefit to being subscription-based is trust and safety.

Groups now (as of May 2022) have a top-level category of general, regional, lifestyle, professional, women only, men only, transgender, and gender-queer

Group Types

Open – group and content visible to all site members – anyone can join

Closed – group visible to all – must be accepted – content visible to only group members

Secret – group and content only visible to group members – must be invited

Group categories

Regional – City, Region of a city, County, State, Provance, State, Country

Professional – Legal, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, College, Students, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Real Estate, Writing, Journalism, professional associations, professional networking, etc.

Life-Style – Sports, Gardening, Cooking, Nightlife, Yoga, etc.

Brands - Be it a person, business, organization, non-profit, politician, or NGO create a group about you, your entity. Consider becoming an OutBüro affiliate/influencer promoting OutBuro.com to your friends, followers, members, audience, customers, clients, guests, and constituents. OutBüro is for the full LGBTQ+ global community and cool people/entities/organizations.

General – Mental Well Being, Coming Out, Law of Attraction, Caregiving, Brands/Businesses/Organizations, Philosophy, Family, History, Nutrition, CBD, Reading, POZ, QPOC, Pride Event Organizations, etc.

Gender Queer – All groups with a focus on genderqueer, gender-fluid, non-binary, personal connections, etc.

Men – all groups with a focus on topics and interests of self-identifying men, personal connections, etc.

Women – All groups with a focus on topics and interests of self-identifying women, personal connections, etc.

Transgender – All groups with a focus on topics and interests of self-identifying transgender persons, personal connections, etc.

Group Features Overview

  • Search for groups you may be interested in
  • Interact with other members with similar interests
  • Join groups
  • Create groups as the owner/admin
  • Be invited to be a group moderator
  • Invite others to join the group
  • Search and connect/friend other members of groups
  • Post content and images in groups
  • Post video, audio, and share live streams from other platforms
  • Create and share polls
  • Comment and react (like, love, applaud, etc.)
  • Tag other group members in posts
  • Add hashtags to postings
  • Save postings
  • Sort postings
  • Search postings
  • Set your group notification preferences

Group Owners/Admins

As a group owner/admin/ moderator you'll be able to:

  • Set the direction and tone of the group
  • Establish the group branding/identity - group name, description, avatar, and cover image
  • Set the group visibility to open, closed, or private (secrete)
  • Invite others to the group
  • If a closed group approve or reject requests to join
  • Remove group members
  • Block members
  • Moderate group content
  • Message group members - even if not direct friends

Subscription Required - Note that if you happen to have a free account due to being a member of the site prior to May 2022, your free member account is limited to site articles and 7 restricted page views a month. Restricted pages include profiles. Therefore to get the most out of your profile, the site, its community, groups, and interactions with other members we would love to have you become a yearly/monthly subscriber. Check out the Embracing Change article for an overview of what's new.

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